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Rick Cheever

Rick Cheever
Business Development

About Rick

Rick is highly experienced in global business development and a specialist in international business management, sales, marketing consumer goods at a fortune 100 Company. He is also experienced in European business regulations and restrictions and maintains an impressive global network of senior business contacts.

Rick invests his time with Club Managers Association of America, Kiwanis International as a member and former Treasurer, The Salvation Army Advisory Board,

Rick served with distinction in the US Marine Corps where he was assigned to the US State Department working in the US Embassies in Georgetown, Guyana and San Salvador, El Salvador.


  • Experienced in country club management (food and beverage, agronomy, membership sales / marketing, facilities).
  • Outstanding leadership skills leading departments in a mulit-demontional business
  • Leadership in the development of B2B and B2C interactive technologies, start-ups, wireless communications technology.
  • Experienced as a board member with demonstrated ability to introduce an enterprise into the domestic and global arena or expanding a company’s existing international position.
  • Led several organizations at The Coca-Cola Company domestically and as an international business expert.
  • At The Coca-Cola Company Rick was responsible for the company’s largest accounts such as Kroger’s, Safeway, McDonald’s Corporation, Applebee’s International.
  • Rick is credited with some of The Coca-Cola Company’s most significant sales accomplishments


  • Hospitality / Club Leadership / Management
  • Membership Sales
  • Agronomy Experienced
  • Capital Planning / Mgmt.
  • Customer Relationship Mgmt.
  • Start-up / Large Enterprise Mgmt.
  • Culinary and Food Beverage Mgmt.
  • Global Account Management
  • Consumer Goods Marketing/Brand Mgmt.
  • International Business Development
  • Product & Brand Development
  • Customer Relationship Mgmt.
  • Start-ups
  • Corp. Bus. Turnaround Mgmt
  • B2B & B2C Interactive Marketing
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