The Gift of Empowerment

Becoming a parent transforms your life. Your child becomes your top priority. Finding a way to balance your career and raise a family can be a difficult task. Angela Miles, Chief Marketing Officer at International Creative Consulting (ICC), faced this dilemma fifteen years ago when she was pregnant with her daughter. Like many parents, Angela needed to consider the pros and cons of putting her daughter in daycare, staying at home, or focusing on her career. Although daycare is the only option for some parents, Angela was determined to find an alternative solution. She wanted to be involved with her children, but she also didn’t want to sacrifice furthering her career while doing so. Reflecting back on the sitatuion, Angela says “I had to problem solve and create a scenario where I could accomplish both of those high priority goals in my life.” She thus hatched her own ad agency, so she could be at home to help raise her daughter while also build her career at the same time. The early years of entrepreneurship brought more than just income for her, but had also given her the piece of mind of engaging more with her daughter, as well as the opportunity to build a professional portfolio and promote products and small businesses that she believes in. There is something poetic about how she uses her agency as a platform to elevate confidence in other stay-at-home moms across the globe.

As the holiday season is upon us, ICC would like to reach out to you, in the spirit of giving, to adopt Angela’s spirit and help empower women around the world. Along with her own business, Angela is actively involved with the wonderful nonprofit, Women for Women, an organization that helps to provide female war survivors with the opportunities and resources they need to foster independence. With the motivation of providing for her children, a determined mother can accomplish anything, which is the premise of this charity. Women for Women delivers the gift of empowerment to women who need it the most. Donations go to teaching women vital life skills, such as business, legal rights, health, and vocational skills. This organization increases the likelihood for women to obtain gainful employment and become independently successful. Women for Women describes the ripple effect as profound: “The result: stronger women, stronger families, and stronger communities.” Empowerment through these efforts truly helps to create positive sustainable change and turn the tide on social inequality.

Being a woman in a war ridden country is unforgiving and dangerous. In many of these places, women are still seen as second-class citizens, making it extremely difficult for them to pursue dreams of owning their own business and becoming financially independent. However, with the knowledge and training in fiscal responsibility and business management provided by Women for Women, many women have revealed how beneficial the program has been, and how owning their own business has positively changed their lives. They apply the skills they learn, such as sewing, combined with business training, in order to generate an income for themselves. This fosters confidence, resiliency, and empowerment, as well as, providing the independence and support needed for their families to thrive. It provides a healthy lifestyle.

This holiday season, Women for Women has created a special Gifts That Give Back catalog. Buying something from the catalog not only provides you a gift to give to your loved ones, but helps a woman survivor of war take care of her family and find success. It is a gift that keeps on giving, long after the holidays are over. You, like Angela, can help rebuild these women’s lives. Even a small donation can be life changing. This holiday season, we hope you are inspired to give the gift of empowerment. Click on one of the images below to donate now!