Recruiters ultimate objective is  to carefully select and hire the best employees for their business. They want to make sure they select someone who is qualified and shares in the company’s vision, passion, and effectively represents the[…]

There is a lot of confusion as to what theoretical framework should be used in schools worldwide. I support the notion of producing a wholesome ORGANIC educational system. This would include taking an approach which considers cultural[…]

Starting a small business can be daunting. There are so many elements that contribute to success, and it is hard for a small business owner to focus on them all at once. According to the Bureau of[…]

1) What is Neuromarketing? With all of the new and popular ways of conducting business in 2018, such as cryptocurrency and concern from consumers about trustworthiness, there is more of a need for companies to use Neuromarketing.[…]

With the increasing prevalence of social media marketing, many small businesses wonder whether or not putting their own business online is worth it or not. While there are many benefits to social media, it is not for[…]

The holidays can be a stressful time. There’s so much to get done before the new year, so many people to buy gifts for, so much to reflect on. However, here at International Creative Consulting (ICC), we[…]

Becoming a parent transforms your life. Your child becomes your top priority. Finding a way to balance your career and raise a family can be a difficult task. Angela Miles, Chief Marketing Officer at International Creative Consulting (ICC), faced this dilemma fifteen years ago when she was pregnant with her daughter.

Do fathers have a different influence than mothers on the process of child development? During the 1960’s and 1970’s psychologists and other researchers assumed that the mother-child bond was the most important one in a child’s life.

The Importance of Mom and Dad Although there is diversity among China and America, there are universal practices shared by most cultures when it comes to parent-child relationships. For instance, moms and dads may play different roles[…]

Marketing trends in recent years have drastically changed. We now know through science that people’s brains react to novelty. New technologies have brought about a variety of new social platforms to interact and engage with consumers. One[…]

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