Ancillary Businesses

International Creative Consulting (ICC) helps the global business market by identifying and solving the challenges that stand in the way of their growth and progress. We do this by helping other companies optimize business operations, streamlining support functions, turning technology into reality, or simply engaging customers with their products. We are equipped to handle these tasks through our professional resources who have years of experience and also specialize in areas such as neuromarketing, leadership strategies, cognitive coaching, global product marketing, branding, e-commerce, and social media, just to name a few.

International Creative Consulting also manages a domestic advertising agency, Branding Creatively. What is the differentiating factor between ICC and BC? Well, BC is primarily responsible for serving domestic small businesses. The services provided by BC stem from branding, websites, social media, video, and graphic design. Angela and Jeremy both enjoy working with start ups and being a part of helping them pursue their dreams. Branding Creatively helps them achieve their marketing goals at an affordable rate.

Many of you weren’t aware that Angela and Jeremy also design and produce the best non-slip athletic socks which go by the name of Grip Tread Socks. Grip Treads was inspired by Angela. After a short stint in the hospital years ago, she realized that the socks she received from the wonderful world of medical managed care, were horrible! This motivated her to create a new and improved brand and after extensive research in reading competitor’s Amazon reviews, Grip Treads were engineered. Currently, we sell on Amazon, but we are looking into expanding our offline sales in late 2018. We have many great ideas that we will share with you all as we make final decisions.

With creating a world-class infrastructure and our sights set high for 2018, we are gaining more global recognition and credibility. We are convinced that the combination of our high quality services and products that we provide will create synergy for more business growth at ICC/BC/ and GripTreads. With that said, we do not want to lose sight of our where we came from. Regardless of the potential greatness that lies ahead, Angela and Jeremy are focused to stay grounded in their cultural roots where they began our company here in Colorado! We want to continue to have the small company feel irrespective of how big things become.

Branding Creatively provides world-class solutions and top-notch development to small to medium sized businesses in the US. Our team is dedicated to a fun, fast-paced environment to keep your marketing budget within reason. We believe it is critical to know your business. We take great pride in understanding exactly what you need and why. We then build solutions … solutions that work. All done with no huge egos, lots of creativity, tremendous attention to detail and pricing that is refreshingly straightforward.

Specialties: Branding, Marketing, Mobile Marketing, Creative Direction, Project Management, Social Media, Website Design, eCommerce, Graphic Design, Online Video Production, YouTube Marketing, and Luxury Real Estate Marketing.

Grip Tread Socks are the world’s best traction tread socks and Engineered and Tested right here in Colorado, sold on Amazon! They feature a non skid, traction rubber sole which helps prevent falls, enhances your performance and gives you sure footing on hard wood, tile, gym and other slippery floors. Perfect for post surgery, yoga, athletics, martial arts, hunting, traveling or wearing around the house.